Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit Review

There are no affiliate links in this review, this is an overview of Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit.

The thing I like most about this product from Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback is that they are being very forthcoming with what this program is, how it works, and what you get for your money. That’s not usually the case in IM. We all know there’s always some secret method given to someone down on his or her luck and blammo-they become overnight millionaires. Because they are such great people, they package the “secret method” and sell it for $47 and if you leave the page you can get it for $17 with a crap ton of upsells.

Okay, that’s not the case here.
There is a webinar that lays the foundation for what you’re going to be doing in this course, there’s no hidden messages, it’s so refreshing to see it laid out for once.

In a nutshell, this course goes into detail how to sell successfully on Amazon with one added step, by Private Labeling Products that are already selling well on and make them your own.

Here is a fast list of what this program is not:

  • This is not drop-shipping – this is creating YOUR OWN products.
  • This is not affiliate marketing – you’re selling physical products.
  • This does not require article writing or building a list.

This program is open for new members for a limited time when the doors are open, this looks like a good program to learn the basics of a strong foundation on.
This video will tell you :

  • the details of the program
  • how to find products on Amazon
  • what makes a good candidate for a product
  • how to find suppliers to do branding
  • why Amazon’s product fulfillment services are a good deal (FBA)
  • 21 products to start with on Amazon and how to brand them

Amazing Selling Machine

This course is a definite financial investment so watch the video and make sure this is a direction you’re comfortable going.

Hitablog gives this a full thumbs up!

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